Es necwsario teber internet paea tener whatsapp

How to get free facebook and whatsapp without internet

To use the camera with apps in Windows 11, you will need to enable some permissions in the camera settings. Then, you’ll need to check the app permissions if you want to use the camera with apps. Here’s how to do it:

If you use Windows Hello to sign in, the computer will sign in even if the camera access settings are disabled. If Windows Hello is turned off, your computer will not have access to the camera.

Some applications take photos or videos with the Camera application. This means that the app will not appear in the list and its access to the camera is determined by the Camera app’s camera access settings. The Camera application will not capture or send images to the application that opened it unless you explicitly select the capture button in the Camera application.

Desktop applications may not appear in the list of available applications on the Camera Settings page and may be able to access the camera or microphone even when this setting is disabled. For more information, see

How to have whatsapp free without internet clear

Let’s start the article by telling you what you will need to install and use WhatsApp on your mobile and computer, since in some cases like the computer you will depend on the mobile. Then we will go on to tell you the installation and login process on each type of device.

You will be able to install WhatsApp on any smartphone and on any PC, as it has mobile and desktop applications. However, to be able to use it the needs are different at the moment, since on the mobile it is all simpler, while on the PC you will need the support of the mobile.

If you want to use WhatsApp on the PC, you will first need to have it activated on the mobile. Then, once you have it activated, you can link your account to the computer to use it from there. It is a kind of remote control, although you can also use WhatsApp while the mobile is off. You depend on WhatsApp for mobile, but not constantly.

When you open the application, the first thing you will see is a screen where you have a link to the privacy policies and terms of service. You can read them, but if you want to use WhatsApp you will have to click on the Accept button and continue. Our screenshots are from Android, but in iOS it’s the same.

Whatsapp without data or wifi for android

The new iPhones come with a tray for a traditional SIM and an eSIM in which you can download one, or several, eSIM cards to have a second mobile network connection active simultaneously.

The iPhone can establish a data session from any of the lines, simply configure in Settings->>>Mobile data the default settings and you can change them at any time.

Yes, SMS can be received on each of the lines. By default SMS are sent from the line configured by default in Settings->>>Mobile data in the default voice option. It is also possible to set the line to be used for each contact.

Yes, several eSIM cards can be stored in the eSIM even from several operators. However only one can be active, so Dual SIM operation will always be with a physical SIM and one of the eSIM cards stored.

Go to Settings->>>Mobile Data, click on the plan you want to activate and check “Activate this line”. This action involves deactivating the previously active eSIM line and is almost immediate.

How to get whatsapp for free without balance

WhatsApp Plus is about one of the most popular alternatives that exist today. This is an option for Android users who want to have more features than those offered by the original version of WhatsApp.

This application has exclusive features, as well as a multitude of functions to customize the graphical interface of the application to the maximum. However, to get it you need to download an APK and install the application manually.The main disadvantage is that many people take advantage of this and offer on the Internet what appear to be WhatsApp Plus installers, but actually contain different types of viruses or malware to steal personal information.