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DMN dysfunction has been linked to abnormal mental processes and mental disorders such as ADHD or head trauma [34-36]. Among the main abnormal neurophysiological processes linked to such dysfunction are deficits in attention and inhibitory control (impulse control). Deficits in sustained attention characteristic of ADHD were soon associated with impaired DMN coherence, in particular with its interfering activity [29]. Poor task performance appeared to be associated with the inability to attenuate DMN activity in the course of task performance, especially if the tasks required significant attention [37-39]. Response time variability is more pronounced when the inverse relationship between DMN and TPN is weaker [30].

Methylphenidate has clearly been shown to be an effective treatment for ADHD, and guidelines recommend it as the drug of choice in this disorder [10]. Improvements in narcolepsy and head injury symptoms have also been reported with its administration [14,15]. Altered DMN activity has been confirmed in ADHD as well as in narcolepsy and head injury [31,36,40].

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This METADATA session comes courtesy of SISMATE, the early warning system that, earlier today, surprised more than 20 million Peruvians with a test to determine the scope of the mechanism. We explain what it is about, how it works and what you should do.

A new episode of METADATA comes to your life, with lots and lots of information from the digital world. We talk to Carlos Bernos, Country Manager of Buda.com to know the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market. We met with Gonzalo Pozo, co-founder of Jokr, an app that seeks to change the rules of delivery apps, with a promise of delivery times under fifteen minutes. We summarize Huawei’s event in which it presented new Harmony OS devices and share the recent METALIVE, our usual Wednesday night session from Telegram: t.me/niusgeekcom.

A new episode of METADATA arrives for your weekly tech consumption. In this edition we talk with Emiliano Limia from BuenBit about cryptocurrencies: whether it pays to mine in 2021, Dogecoin instability, Elon Musk and the crypto market. Claro TV presents its new cable TV model, and we talk to Roberto Bellido. Apple and Epic: the first week summary and industry data. Plus, we relive METALIVE 117 on our Telegram channel, the Wednesday night live session: t.me/niusgeekcom.

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Consciousness is having awareness of oneself and one’s surroundings. Brain injury can cause disorders of consciousness (BD). Some injuries are mild; these may cause minor changes in consciousness, such as brief confusion. Severe injuries can cause permanent unconsciousness.

People with brain injury will regain consciousness at a slow or fast rate, depending on the severity of their injury. For people with very severe injuries, the return of consciousness is a slow process. People with less severe injuries can move quickly through the stages mentioned above. Some of the stages described here may not be recognized or may not occur at all. For people with very severe injuries, recovery may stop at one of these stages.

Coma rarely lasts longer than 4 weeks. Some patients go from coma to VE. Others may go from coma to partial consciousness. It is rare for a person with severe brain injury to go directly from coma, or VE, to full consciousness. People who are unconscious for a short time usually have had a less severe brain injury. As a result, they are likely to have a better recovery than people who are unconscious for a long time.