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Precisely, it is this use that can become negative. We are talking about internet addiction. Many young people spend a large part of the day surfing pages, posting on social networks, or watching videos on youtube.

What are the harms of internet addiction? Because the teenager spends a considerable amount of time in front of the computer, one of the biggest consequences is the loss of an active social life. They are likely to lose contact with their closest friends, and spend more time with «virtual» friends.

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The idea of founding a club for the practice of football arose within the Balaro tenement at the impulse of the stonemasons union where the anarchists affiliated to it were the promoters of such creation.

Due to its anarchist origin, the original shirt of Progreso was black and the origin of the name has two versions; the first one is in honor to the name of Progreso street (continuation of the current Leandro Olivera street) that crosses with Carlos María Ramírez avenue, the second one is due to the concept of «progress» present in the anarchist vocabulary.

Don Abraham was not only quick with a haircut but also with business and was the manager who obtained the land that the National Port Administration gave to the club to build its stadium in 1926, where it still plays its first division matches today. As most of the readers of this blog know, the field bears his name.

The greatest joy for its fans came in 1989 when the team became Uruguayan first division champion with players such as Leonel Rocco (its current coach), Próspero Silva, Pedro Pedrucci or Jonny Miqueiro.

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Ya ha salido nuestro último libro de Agustín Guillamón:  Insurrección: Los sangrientos sucesos de mayo de 1937 en Barcelona. Como todos los libros de Agustín, se basa en un montón de pruebas documentales, incluyendo entrevistas y cartas con algunos de los principales actores. Y, de nuevo, como en los libros anteriores, nos obliga a reconsiderar y repensar algunas de nuestras ideas trilladas sobre la Revolución Española. El libro es único en el sentido de que examina de forma increíblemente detallada un periodo de tiempo muy corto -días en realidad- durante el cual se desarrollaron ciertas decisiones y dinámicas importantes que cambiaron el curso de la revolución. A continuación, algunos fragmentos de la introducción del libro. Esperemos que despierten más interés por esta historia revolucionaria (en todos los sentidos). Puede pedir el libro aquí: https://www.akpress.org/insurrection.html

La investigación, la divulgación y la profundización del conocimiento de la historia de las revoluciones -rebatiendo las mentiras, las tergiversaciones y las calumnias que arroja la Historia Sagrada Burguesa Subvencionada y levantando el velo de la auténtica historia de la lucha de clases, escrita desde el punto de vista del proletariado revolucionario- es en sí misma una Lucha por la Historia.

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It is one of the largest manufacturers of construction and mining machinery, diesel engines and industrial gas turbines in China, with exports to Brazil and Africa. SDLG is also a subsidiary of the Volvo company.

While most of the attacks were rivalry attacks to take down other controversial sites and groups such as Legion Holk and MOA Sect. Not everything was war in SDLG. There were also trolls on people’s pages, fan pages and so on. But, like other groups, they were involved in a lot of controversy.

For a while, one idiot was constantly uploading videos mistreating his pets in the group. Many people criticized him and even denounced him for graphic violence and animal abuse. This young man, whose name was Cristian Luna, used to post videos of him kicking his dogs; he even killed one of them. Surprisingly, the vast majority of the members of the group did not see this with good eyes; so much so that they began to criticize and hate him. Because of their hatred, the group’s administrators banned him completely.